Silicone Coated Film

Silicone coated film can be used to protect various tacky substances against their sticking together .Champion Tech supports PET /BOPP/HDPE silicone coated film .

HDPE( High Density Polyethylene) release film/ BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)/PET is based on a which is coated on one side with a very stable silicone release coat which is particularly suited to hot melt adhesives and extrusion coated products. The reverse side of the product is corona treated and can therefore be printed if required. The HDPE product has high elongation making it suitable to applications where the liner will be thermoformed or during processing.

Silicone coated film- Features

  • Superior easy release properties
  • Compatible with a wide variety of adhesive

Silicone coated film- Application

  • It is usually used for protecting hot melt adhesive which coated on carrier bag beforehand .

It is as the liner for f various of tape .such as our resealable sealing tape .

  • Some customers use the non silicone different liner as a layer between two same layers materials ,to avoid these two layers stick together when meet heat-cut .

Silicone Coated film – customized parties

Material Thickness (mic) Width (mm) Length (m) Colour
HDPE 15¬† — 30 18 –1000 3000/4000 Transparent/red/blue/milky
BOPP 18 /20/23/25/27 18–1000 3000/4000 Transparent
PET 12/15/19 18-1000 5000/6000/8000 Transparent

We also provide double side silicone coated film.


Get The Higher Transparency Silicon-Coated Flim At Huizhou Champion

Are you looking for the finest quality Silicone Coated Films at an affordable rate? If yes, then you are at the right place HuiZhou Champion Technology is the leading silicone coated film supplier supplying the finest quality silicone films composed of superior grade polymer, silicone, and many other materials.

As the reputable silicone coated film supplier, we protect various adhesive substances against their sticking together by our Champion Tech supports PET /BOPP/HDPE silicone coated film available in multiple thicknesses, sizes, lengths, and widths appropriate for various applications.

Why choose our silicon-coated film?

Our silicon film HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) release film/ BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)/PET has one very stable silicone release coat side. It is particularly suitable for hot melt adhesives and extrusion-coated goods. The opposite side of the interest is corona treated so, and it can be printed if required.

Silicone Coated Film- Features

  • Higher easy release properties
  • Compatible with a wide variety of adhesive

Benefits :

We silicone coated film supplier ensures multiple benefits to the user such as:

  • It offers High transparency, minor thickness tolerance, fine malleability, and a low heat contractility rate.
  • They are suitable for sensitive adhesive applications by working as the release liners and carrier films.
  • They are accessible in various pet film thicknesses.
  • We offer practical and smooth, evenly coated films free from avulsions, crease, pinholes, bubbles, granules, etc.
  • Highly cost-effective
  • It has a high-quality appearance with no scrapes, minor crinkle, superior smoothness, zero dirt or crystal points.
  • There is no pollution or performance impact on the material.
  • Highlight transmission and heat resistance.

Silicone Coated Film- Application

  • It helps protect hot melt adhesive, which is coated on a carrier bag beforehand.
  • Appropriate for several fields like IT/Display (Mobile phone, PDA & LCD), Electrical & Electronics.
  • Automotive,
  • Medical, Label and Adhesive tape manufacturing

So, what are you waiting for? Get the double side silicone-coated film from us right now!