Permanent Sealing Tape

Champion Tape rang of permanent bag sealing tapes are with aggressive adhesive, good initial tack and excellent thermal stability, suitable for permanent bag sealing(such as DHL, FEDEX ,UPS carrier plastic bag sealing) applications. Bags will be damaged after opening.

Permanent bag sealing tape application:

Release Sealing tape is made of following parties

Permanent bag sealing tape- Standard Size of instruction .And any other sizes are customized .

Any other sizes are customized based on MOQ.

code     spec Glue direction Width of liner
Unit : MM
Width of Hot melt
Unit : MM
width of oil glue
Unit : MM
width of pet liner
Unit : MM
Unit : M
CP-126HC central glue 11 5.5 9 9 500/5000
CP-158HC central glue 14 7.5 11 11 500/5000
CP-1810HC central glue 17 9.5 14 14 500/3000
CP-2310HC central glue 23 9.5 14 14 500/3000
CP-3820HC central glue 38 20 24 24 500/3000
CP-5035HC central glue 50 35 40 40 500/2000

Permanent Bag sealing Tape -package ways

Buy Strong Efficient Permanent Sealing Tape At Huizhou

At HuiZhou Champion, we offer Permanent bag sealing tape at the most affordable price. We assure you to provide powerful double-sided tape applied to seal mailing bags, courier bags, envelopes, and boxes. Our product is composed of hot melt adhesive and acrylic adhesive. As a leading permanent sealing tape supplier, our tape is covered with high-quality white pearlized film and based with PET middle primary material, prevent breakage when running on the machine.

Why choose our sealing tape?

As the most competitive sealing tape supplier, we ensure our tape is suitable for hot and cold weather countries. In addition, a 5,000m bobbin spool is available. Also our company permanent sealing tape is appropriate for numerous applications that people discover every day. It has a sticky surface easily attached to different materials such as metal papers or even wood. When sticking things together, the permanent sealing tape is highly effective.

As a reputable permanent sealing tape supplier, we offer a wide range of permanent sealing tape for our users at the finest quality and lowest price to save you some money. Moreover, it has a high tack which makes it eaier to stick and saves you time.

Moreover, our sealing tape supplier and workers ensure that it is convenient and sticks well on some hard-to-stick surfaces. Also, it has high elasticity allows it to hold any shape of objects.


At HuiZhou permanent sealing tape supplier, you can avail the best tape for your job.

  • It is highly portable.
  • It has rubber-based adhesives that provide a good hold on complex shapes with their flexibility.
  • It is easy to use and safe when used properly.
  • You can also stretch it and bend around the objects easily.
  • It is attractive and appealing.
  • It is less bulky, and you can easily transport it to different places
  • It is adjustable to many materials.
  • It supports and adheres to cold or warm temperatures.
  • It is strong and is resistant to most environmental damages.


  • Permanent Tape Suitable for sealing OPP and PE plastic bags.
  • It has No peel off of adhesive, no residue.

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