Pearlized Resealable Sealing Tape

Resealable bag sealing tape Pearlized series are using PAPE liner as carrier , can be used for both PE and PP plastic bag , some customer use it for paper envelop as well .

the glue are double oil based glue , with bigger power than traditional bag sealing tape ,well suited for higher request of customer.

Pearlized Resealable Sealing Tape – Application

It is used for PE,OPP ,paper envelop and etc .

Resealable bag sealing tape- Standard Size of instruction

Following sizes are available for all Materials ( HDPE/BOPP/ANTISTATIC HDPE/LIGHT PEELING HDPE /PEARLIZED LINER )
And any other sizes are customized .

code                            Spec Glue direction Width of film
Unit : MM
Width of water glue Unit : MM width of oil glue
Unit : MM
width of pet liner
Unit : MM
Unit : M
CP-093R/L right /left 8.5 3 5 5 1200/5000/8000/10000
CP-134R/L right /left 13 4 6 6 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-144R/L right /left 14 4 6 6 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-145R/L right /left 14 5 8 8 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-154R&L right /left 15 4 7 7 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-187R&L right /left 18 7 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-154C central glue 15 4 7 7 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-126C central glue 12 6 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-156C central glue 15 6 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-158C central glue 15 8 12 12 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-188C central glue 18 8 12 12 1000/5000/8000/10000

Resealable Sealing Tape-Packages

Buy The Best Pearlized Resealable Sealing Tape From Us!

Are you looking for a pearlized Resealable Sealing Tape? You are on the right platform HuiZhou  is the best resealable sealing tape supplier useful for HDPE or BOPP self-adhesive resealable bags. It has resealable and excellent sickness, which makes it re-open and re-close over 10times. Huizhou Champion packing is a professional factory that mainly produces permanent bag sealing tape, resealable sealing tape, and silicone release film.

Our Resealable bag sealing tape comprises BOPP/HDPE/PEARL  liner, oil-based glue, pet liner, and water-based glue. Moreover, our resealable bag sealing tape Pearlized series is highly effective and beneficial for PAPE liner as a carrier. It is also helpful for both PE and PP plastic bags. Some buyers use it for the paper envelope as well.

In addition, it encompasses the glue, which is double oil-based glue, with bigger power than traditional bag sealing tape ,well suited for higher customer requests. We resealable sealing tape supplier also can produce tapes, which do not react chemically with the contents of the bags to color changes.


  • It is helpful for both BOPP and HDPE plastic bags resealable
  • Resealable Sealing tape is suitable for many kinds of HDPE, BOPP self-adhesive resealable bags.
  • It is famous for clothes, plastic bags, cd bags packing and so on. In the soft package materials business,
  • it is reusable, no peel off of adhesive, no residue.

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  2. Glue is playing the most crucial role for the resealable bag sealing tape,5% solids
  3. The silicone is an imported USA brand, the best one, it cause we have never have complaint on silicone.
  4. The experience of workers is over is our mature products.
  5. Well performance times of re-used, over 10times
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