Bopp Resealable Sealing Tape

Resealable Sealing Tape(another named:resealable bag sealing tape,removable tape,or double sided bag sealing tape ) is used for HDPE or BOPP self adhesive resealable bag,it it is resealable ,the good stickness make it re-open and re-close over 10times .Champion Tech is the professional factory which mainly produce resealable sealing tape,permanent bag sealing tape and silicone release film.our wholesalers are from Europe,South America,North America,Southeast Asia. As know for everyone in adhesive tape business , seal king brand is the oldest one who produce resealable sealing tape,seal king supply very high quality resealable bag sealing tape.but the marketing is more and more competitive.more and more plastic bag factory need better price based on good quality .Champion Tech supplies the resealable bag sealing tape with high quality and good price ,both are satisfied with customer .

BOPP Resealable Sealing tape -Application

Traditional BOPP Resealable Sealing tape is used for HDPE plastic bag seal.The adhesive is absolutely stable and further guarantees contents away from damage as a result of yellowing.
you may choose right glue ,central glue,left glue.

We support following printing on BOPP Resealable Sealing tape, other printings could be customized based on MOQ .

Resealable bag sealing tape- Standard Size of instruction

Following sizes are available for all Materials ( HDPE/BOPP/ANTISTATIC HDPE/LIGHT PEELING HDPE /PEARLIZED LINER )
And any other sizes are customized .

code                            Spec Glue direction Width of film
Unit : MM
Width of water glue Unit : MM width of oil glue
Unit : MM
width of pet liner
Unit : MM
Unit : M
CP-093R/L right /left 8.5 3 5 5 1200/5000/8000/10000
CP-134R/L right /left 13 4 6 6 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-144R/L right /left 14 4 6 6 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-145R/L right /left 14 5 8 8 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-154R&L right /left 15 4 7 7 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-187R&L right /left 18 7 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-154C central glue 15 4 7 7 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-126C central glue 12 6 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-156C central glue 15 6 10 10 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-158C central glue 15 8 12 12 1000/5000/8000/10000
CP-188C central glue 18 8 12 12 1000/5000/8000/10000

Resealable Sealing Tape-Packages