Resealable bag sealing tape is a gentle tape that is highly versatile and beneficial many times. It usually has PE substantial tape for sealing OPP plastic bags. And OPP powerful tape for sealing PE plastic bags. The tape has an emulsion-based epoxy resin and acrylic adhesive, which allows the PE material bag to be quickly and efficiently seals once you put your belonging or merchandise into the bag, and multiple times seal-open (resealable) presentation is reliable. Moreover, this packing tape is available in various widths and lengths for automatic or manual use

Let’s look at some of the types of sealing tape and their benefits, which will help us understand the importance of using these types of videos.

  • Permanent Sealing Tape

Permanent bag sealing tape is a powerful double-sided tape applied to seal posting bags/courier bags/envelopes/boxes. They are highly durable as once you stick them, then they cannot be reopened. You have to break them, and you can use the hoy-cutting machine. This tape is also applicable for OPP/PE bags and Matic bag-packing.

The four parts with which this tape is composed are:

– Hot-melt adhesive

– Solvent-based acrylic

– Pearlized film

– Pet Mylar

  • PE Sealing Tape

These tapes are highly versatile mainly useful to seal various plastic bags composed of PP and OPP packing. Like they are appl; cable for stationery, apparel, and envelope. The main benefit of using these types of tape is that they have strong adhesion performance, are non-degum, reusable, no-residue, easy to tear, and unique to leave adhesives side.

The main component of making these tapes are:

– Water-based acrylic

– Solvent-based acrylic

– PE film

– Pet Mylar

  • OPP Sealing Tape

The OPP bag-sealing tape is highly beneficial to use as they are reusable and known as OPP self-adhesive tape, OPP sealed glue and OPP adhesives. Mostly they are applicable to pack PE bags.  Also, they are beneficial as they have non-degum, are reusable, have no residue, are easy to tear, and are unique to leave adhesives side.

These main item components are:

– Water-based acrylic

– Solvent-based acrylic

– OPP film

– Pet Mylar

  • HDPE Bag Sealing Tape

HDPE resealable bag sealing tape is mainly used as the flap of self-adhesive packaging bags made of PP/OPP/CPP plastic to compose them reusable,” Peel and Seal.” These bag sealing tapes are substantial, covered by HDPE film with good quality acrylic as the adhesive.


Some of the benefits of using these high-quality resealable tapes are;

  • Strong adhesive performance.: When the bag is locked, it won’t fall off without difficulty.
  • Resealable: The bag stuck with our tape can open and close several times, and the epoxy resin remains a good presentation.
  • Non-degum: they are durable and protect your goods as they do not allow the tape to open and prevent the goods from falling off the bag.
  • No residue: When you rip off the outside film, the glue will not stay behind it.
  • Easy to tear: The external protect film is typically more comprehensive than the adhesive part; you can tear it off effortlessly and rapidly.

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