Want to protect your stuff while traveling or shifting? Then use sealing tape on boxes allowing you to save your things. Sealing tape supplier offers one of the most comprehensive permanent bag sealing tapes for the bag industrial and flexible wrapping industry. Mostly these tapes are famous and well known for demanding applications.

Nowadays, sealing tape suppliers have excellent high-quality permanent bag sealing tape with an aggressive adhesive system. Also, these types of tapes are ideal for anti-static foil release liner and a printed polyester lining for underlayment floor joining applications.  Further, these tapes help seal polyethylene and polypropylene bags, and they are beneficial in pancake form or spool form for continuous processing. All of the permanent bag sealing tapes are hot knife cuttable.

So, let’s look at the significance and application of using these types of tapes in our daily life.

How does the sealing tape work?

These are highly versatile tapes composed of a BOPP polyester film coated with permanent hot melt adhesive, acrylic adhesive, and synthetic rubber adhesive system. The liner side, which is exposed once you remove the liner, is usually coated with hot melt adhesive, displays high adhesion to various surfaces, and has a brilliant damaging effect. The exposed side of the tape, which is visible to the viewer, can unwind from the roll and is coated with acrylic adhesive, forming a long-term bond directly upon contact. Moreover, you can easily remove the liner because it has a non-adhesive or finger-lift dry edge on each side of the tape.

They are effortless to use. You can easily use it on different things, even if you can wrap them around the pipe and prevent leakages. You can open the tape and put it on the opening or the gap to avoid leakage or any air entering the bag, envelopes, boxes, and other stuff.

Moreover, guarantee bonding surfaces are clean, unified, dry, and free of dirt and oils. Put on firm and even weight to improve adhesive-to-surface contact. Permit proper temperature and time to improve bond strength as glue flows onto the surface.


Polyethylene converters and bag manufacturers use permanent bag sealing tapes as a destructive adhesive for the permanent sealing of plastic bags, paper envelopes, and laminating to low-slip and no-slip plastic films. This tape is usually used for magazine bags, mailing bags, or other PE bags requiring a permanent closure. Some other applications of these tapes are.

  • They are helpful in Paper Envelopes
  • They are beneficial to seal Paper Bags
  • They help in Plastic Envelopes
  • You can use them in Mailing Bags
  • They are helpful for Film Lamination

This tape is considered precisely for the plastic bag industrial and converting market. These manufactured goods offer a protracted heat cuttable liner with a finger lift dry advantage on both sides for fast and easy removal. Hot knife cuttable double-coated tape is suitable for sealing mailers, PE bags, envelopes, ID wrist bands, Tyvek envelopes, and other tamper-evident and permanent applications.

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