Resealable Bag sealing tape is well suited for soft wrapping materials. You can get one of the most comprehensive variations of products for this market.

  • Traditional Type: OPP substantial for PE bags; PE material helpful for PP and OPP bags.
  • Light Release Type: This type is appropriate for PE, PP, and OPP bags; it is also helpful for producing antistatic and security types for compound and security bags.

Resealable bag sealing tape is a type of tape that is beneficial to use multiple times. It typically has PE substantial tape for sealing OPP plastic bags. And OPP solid tape for sealing PE plastic bags. The tape is composed of emulsion-based glue and acrylic adhesive, which allows the PE material bag to perform efficiently and successfully and seals your product into the bag once you put it inside and numerous times seal-open (resealable) presentation is reliable. Furthermore, this type of packing tape is accessible in a wide range of widths and lengths for involuntary or manual application.

So, let’s look in detail at different types of these bag sealing tape and some of its application, along with its beneficial feature, which distinguishes it from others.


  • Application temperature: -5℃ to 50℃
  • Good antistatic features
  • Strict quality control ensures the product is a good performance
  • Custom printings are also quickly done on these tapes
  • Available in 1000 m roll pancake and 10000 m bobbin
  • Finger lift can make liner remove easily
  • Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Standard Series

Series of bag sealing tapes

The exceptional adhesion works well on the sides of various plastic bags and allows frequent opening and closing. It’s steady and weatherproof. Moreover, the unique finger lift design confirms the easy elimination of the liner. The full range of creation sizes fulfills most wants of different applications.

·         Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Anti-Static Series

The Antistatic series of tapes has superior antistatic ink printed liner. It decreases the static interfering in the application. Light release design, suitable for seal and peel, efficiently reduces operational noise, keeping workers away from risks of wrist injuries.

·         Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Light Peeling Series

The Light Peeling Series of tape has a specially designed light release liner to help the easy process. The glue is stable and further assurances contents away from harm as a result of yellowing.

·         Metallized Bag Sealing Tape

Metalized bag sealing tape had been improved at a precise size and applied to the bag. Metalized release film would remove before use, and glue could seal the load correctly. These bags have excellent holding power and are helpful on PE and PP bag production with zero static. Also, they effectively reduce the stock pressure.


They are highly versatile because of which they are appropriate for multiple applications and uses.  They are applicable for BOPP/HDPE plastic bag sealing. Like socks bags, garment bags, gift bags, Combs bags, hosiery bags, T-Shirt bags, Notebook bags, Stationery bags, Toys bags, magazine bags, etc.

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