You can make packing resealable on packs of bread, biscuits, and tortillas with a tape seal. Initially, the film is split in the wrapping process and then hermetically wrapped with a broad, translucent single-sided tape. Resealable sealing tape supplier special epoxy resin and finger-lift ensure it’s likely to open and reseal the packing in one fast, easy measure.

Also, it is suitable for the cover of BOPP plastic bags, which have many benefits, including recycling usage, good adherence and retentiveness, superior to leave side, and easy to tear. The excellent adhesion works well on the tops of various plastic bags and allows repetitive opening and closing. It’s stable and waterproof. In addition, the exclusive finger-lift design confirms the easy removal of the liner. The full range of manufactured goods size fulfills most desires of different applications.

The six benefits of using tape seal

These tapes are highly beneficial and make your work easier to manage, especially when shiting or transporting things. Here are some of the resealable sealing tape supplier tape essential benefits.

1. Longer freshness and quality

You like to preserve products fresh for an extended period, safe in a package with good fence properties and outstanding resealability. Resealable packaging endorses smaller, healthier rations; your packaging will so it is unlocked and closed more often. The superiority and freshness of your creation will remain high with an EasySeal tape seal.

2. Easy to open packaging

Suitability is what it’s all about. It has a finger lift and an adhesive-free portion of the tape to make opening the pack faster and easier for the customer to encourage re-use.

3. Tape with the power to communicate

You can use the resealable tape to converse your message and gain extra attention by printing on the tape, finger lift,  liner, or packaging. Encourage a special offer, add your barcode shelf life date, or clarify how resealability works. This note can be pre-printed on the tape or a laser printer installed on the manufacturing line.

4. 100% food-safe production

Foodsafetapes are industrial with only food-safe supplies suitable for direct and indirect food interaction. It has an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified environment. Procedures such as strict hygiene control, pest prevention, personnel entry checks, cleaning, and process control stop any possible contamination by chemicals, broken glass, etc., during the production process.

5. Environmentally friendly and less food waste.

Resealable Tapes are ecologically friendly tapes. They can spread the time a manufactured goods stays fresh and, so, waste less food. Moreover, a tape seal comprises less packaging material than other categories of resealable features. The tapes are solvent-free and can be delivered with an environmentally friendly PVC-free transporter.

6. Flawless machinability

These tapes quickly add value to your packaging inline. It ensures that the production speed and competence of your manufacturing line are safe. A tape applicator needs a low asset, can easily be added to your current packaging line, and requires almost no upkeep.

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