Want to make your packing and coating safe and smooth? Then the Silicone Coated Films is the best choice for you then. Different silicone coated film suppliers supply the finest quality silicone films composed of more excellent grade polymer, Silicone, and many former materials.

But what is this silicon-coated film? Silicone-coated films are widely beneficial in pressure-sensitive adhesive applications as a carter film. These films provide outstanding silicone port and even Silicone lay down and flat release profiles at numerous de-lamination speeds and a wide variety of temperatures.

Moreover, the primary function of silicone-coated film is to protect several adhesive materials against their sticking together. The PET /BOPP/HDPE silicone coated film is obtainable in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and widths, suitable for various applications.

Let’s look in detail at the important reasons to buy a silicon-coated film and some of its applications, making this adhesive highly essential for different applications.

Why choose silicon-coated film?

The silicon film release film/ BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)/PET and HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) has one very steady silicone release coat side. It is most appropriate for hot melt adhesives and extrusion-coated things. The reverse side of the interest is corona treated so, and it can be produced if required.

One of the main causes for using these types of coating is that they are easily customized, and that is why they are widely used in pressure-sensitive adhesive applications as a carrier film or release liner. You can select the different thicknesses you want for your applications.


Silicone coated film supplier believes that there are numerous benefits of using these films coating such as:

  1. PET release film applies PET film as significant supplies, and the surface is covered with releasing materials(Silicone coated)
  2. The film’s surface effortlessly and efficiently coats the object. It provides uniform coating and magnificently avoids many problems such as avulsions, crinkles, bubbles, granules, pinholes, etc. So, it has no scratches, wrinkles, good smoothness, dirty, and crystal points.
  3. It has excellent physical properties, including minor thickness tolerance, low heat contractility rate, high transparency, and good plasticity.
  4. The pet release film,silicone-coated pet film, is created a cleanroom environment, critical parts like coating head at 1000 clean classrooms. So, they have purified environment production, high pristine condition, and processing.
  5. It has a High residual adhesion rate (≥85%), no performance impact on the material, small silicon transfer, no pollution.
  6. They are appropriate for sensitive adhesive applications by functioning as release liners and carrier films.
  7. They are available in several pet film thicknesses.
  8. They are highly cost-effective
  9. There is no pollution or performance impact on the material.
  10. It has a high light transmission and heat resistance.

Silicone Coated Film- Application

The above benefits make this coating film highly supportive and beneficial for numerous applications such as:

  • Suitable for several fields like IT/Display (PDA, Mobile phone, and LCD), Electrical, and Electronics.
  • It is helpful in the Automotive industries
  • It helps protect hot melt adhesive, which is coated on a carrier bag beforehand.
  • Label, Medical, and Adhesive tape manufacturing

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