Do you want a resealable or permanent plastic bag that will protect your product? So, get one sealing tape that will provide your product a clear, clean, and proficient look and offer a permanent or resealable sealing tape seal to keep your product while being shipped?

A lip and tape bag is the ideal tape for you and a great alternative to things or bags such as zipper or heat sealing bags which offers numerous benefits. This article will cover the diverse kinds of Lip and tape bags, for what application they are beneficial, and how they are helpful.

What is a Lip and Tape Bag?

The Lip and tape bags are bags that contain an extension on one side of the bag, usually known as a lip. It includes a strip of adhesive on the lip side of the bag with a liner applied to it. When you take away the liner, it will depict the adhesive strip. The adhesive strip will join the opposite side of the bag when you fold the Lip over, and it will cover the bag’s opening giving a solid seal for your product. Moreover, these Lip and Tape Bags are an excellent substitute for zipper bags or heat sealing your plastics bags. They are usually known as “peel and seal” bags.


These types of protective bags bid a few advantages like:

  • They are super easy to use and seal products, which can save time in the stuffing process
  • They are an excellent substitute for heat-treated or zip-lock bags
  • They are highly versatile comes in a diverse range of widths and heights
  • You can have both resealable and permanent sealing tape choices in these bags.

Types of Tape and Liner?

Tape for plastic bags is composed of many diverse shapes. There are two epoxy resin choices and several liner arrangements. The adhesive choices are usually between permanent and resealable.

Permanent Adhesive

A permanent adhesive is robust and durable and ensures a quality seal—these bags, when seals once, will not open up again until you pull or tear it. The bag is sealed by taking away the liner and portable the Lip over to stick to the other side of the pack. Trying to reopen the bag with permanent epoxy resin results in the plastic bag film splitting apart.

Resealable Adhesive

You can easily open and close these bags, and more than one time, they are for the seal of polyethylene and polypropylene. A resealable adhesive lets you reseal or reopen the load 7-12 times after the primary opening. Certain conditions can affect the bond and the number of times you can reseal the bag. The resealable sealing tape comes with or without HDPP and OPP release liners. Though, our easy-release, anti-static HDPE release liner designs eliminate the static and thus raise packing output.

Liner Options

There is three main linear option, including PET, BOPP, and Matte Anti Stat. It is essential to know that once you remove the liner and seal the bag, it takes 10-15 seconds for the epoxy resin to initiate and adequately pack the bag.

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