When you are doing shifting, all you want is enormous boxes. Apart from these shifting boxes, you require multiple things, such as sealing tape—these box sealing tapes and foams are essential and versatile. So, the sealing tape supplier believes that if you plan to move the goods anywhere else, you want to be very cautious about how you pack them. The packing must be so that your things do not get damaged and you face no loss. But what tape to use and how to use them is a big question?

Using a Colored Carton Sealing Tape is an ideal option when it comes to packing or moving. Here are some of the significant factors for using these tapes.

What is carton sealing tape?

Sealing tape supplier carton sealing tapes help pack and lockboxes. Ridged cardboard boxes filled with the proper carton sealing tape preserve their integrity and hold their insides securely.

Carton sealing tapes are packing tape used in various surroundings and need features to suit the application. The film mover may be PVC, polypropylene, and paper. Also, the carton sealing packing tapes may have a hot melt rubber, acrylic, or natural rubber adhesive system; and the representative film backing may be tan, precise, or any number of colors, in the situation of PVC. Here are some sealing tape features and factors which help you to know about packing tape.


  • These tapes are applicable mechanically or manually, giving versatile features and making them suitable for manufacturing and housing usage.
  • It has a long-enduring seal strip with having a robust grip and stretchy properties
  • It is pressure delicate enough to stop any harm or tampering to the goods limited inside the uneven box
  • Highly Water-resistant
  • Meets home, artistic, warehouse, and official needs
  • High-Temperature resistant
  • Offering into carton sealing tape technology

Significant factors of Colored Carton Sealing Tape

  •      Indicator:

During shifting, smaller parcels can often get lost despite the tracking number, stuff information, and similar credentials facts that help protect from such an incident. To counter such examples, colored works as a great sign, letting suppliers identify a specific parcel when enfolded with a particular tape color.

  •      Notice:

Due to the striking look and high glue sealing feature that grips the package firmly, your box looks different from other parcels, which helps you quickly identify packages when using Highlighted Carton Sealing Tape. In addition, it helps determine the nature or group of the shipment, which is a helpful marking tool for stocking goods within the warehouse.

  •      Demand:

Using brown tape for box packing is an activity nowadays. But in its place, opting for more lively colors can make your set easily stand out from the rest. Colored Carton Sealing Tapes are obtainable in striking bright colors like yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, white, and black.

  •      Marketing:

The carton is an effective promotional and marketing tool. Businesses can modify it with their logo, tag, and even colors, suggesting their brand to a tee.

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