Bag Sealing Tape is a healthy and inexpensive way to seal poly bags and is frequently used to bind bags. The Tape wraps about the neck of the Bag, Sealing the matters inside. The Poly Bag Neck Sealing Tape has an extra-strong epoxy resin seal ideal for pattern and labeling content. Bag sealing tape is well suitable for soft wrapping materials. Bag sealing tape supplier provides one of the widest ranges of products for this market. The two main categories of tapes are:

  • Traditional Type: OPP material is helpful for PE bags; PE material is applicable for PP and OPP bags.
  • Light Release Type: This type is suitable for PE, PP, and OPP bags; we also yield anti-static and security versions for composite and security bags.

So, here we will look at some types of bag sealing tape and some tape applications and benefits.

Series of Resealable Bag Sealing

·         Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Standard Series

The brilliant adhesion works well on exteriors of various plastic bags and allows reiterated opening and closing. It’s steady and waterproof. In addition, the complete finger-lift project confirms the easy removal of the liner. The full range of manufactured goods sizes fulfills most necessities of different applications.

·         Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Anti-Static Series

The Anti-Static series of tapes has special anti-static ink published liner that ideally decreases the static intervention in the application. Light release design, suitable for seal and peel, efficiently reduces operational noise, keeping workers away from risks of wrist injuries.

·         Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Light Peeling Series

The Light Peeling Series of Tape is with a mainly designed light release liner to benefit easy operation. The adhesive is unchanging and further assurances contents away from harm as a result of yellowing.

Benefits of bag sealing tape:

The bag sealing tape supplier provides the best excellence and a safe seal, which can reel in 1000 meters pancake procedure or spools, like 8000meter or 10000meter. Nowadays, these bag sealing tapes are highly beneficial as they are helpful for many purposes. Some of the benefits of these valuable tapes are:

  • Extreme double-sided Tape is practical to seal mailing bags, envelopes, and courier bags.
  • These Tapes are suitable for both hot and cold weather countries.
  • It is appropriate for the seal of BOPP plastic bags with lots of benefits, comprising good adherence, retentiveness, and recycling usage.
  • They are durable and liable.
  • It is beneficial as they ensure your things are safe and secure.
  • Special to leave the side and easy to tear.
  • These tapes are highly cost-effective.


The application has numerous uses, such as they are appropriate for BOPP/HDPE plastic bag sealing. Like garment bags, socks bags, hosiery bags, gift bags, Stationery bags, Notebook bags, T-Shirt bags, Combs bags, magazine bags, Toys bags,  and many more.

  • These bags are beneficial for ordinary plastic mailing bags
  • They are helpful for artboard envelope
  • You can use them in bubble pouches
  • Poly mailing bags
  • Poly envelopes
  • Self Seal envelopes
  • Security bags and Paper mailers

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